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Business Administration - Advanced Diplomas

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    Beginning for students starting in Fall 2016, Concentrations will replace all Advanced Diplomas. Students who began their studies before September, 2016 may elect instead to complete an Advanced Diploma, if declared before November 30, 2016. Please see details and conditions on the attached Advanced Diploma information and declaration sheet.

    A student who is presently pursuing an Advanced Diploma can elect to finish it or put the courses that are part of their Advanced Diploma towards a Concentration.

    Concentrations are available in:

    • BBA with a Concentration in Accounting
    • BBA with a Concentration in Financial Planning
    • BBA with a Concentration in ​Human Resources Management
    • BBA with a Concentration in International Business & Logistics
    • BBA with a Concentration in Marketing

    To find out more on Capilano School of Business Concentrations please go to BBA Program Requirements.

    Program Planners will be available at the third floor Cedar reception area.

      * Effective Fall 2016, applications for Advanced Diplomas are closed.

    An  advisor is available to assist you with detailed program planning at  advising@capilanou.ca or call Advising at 604-984-4900.

    Accounting & Finance Students

    Additional planners for either Certified Financial Planner or Chartered Professional Accountant can be found here.

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