20 CapU student-athletes named National Scholars

    September 18, 2017

    The Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) has announced the 2016-17 list of CCAA National Scholars, and 20 Capilano University Blues student-athlete have won the prestigious award.

    The National Scholar Award is “designed to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of CCAA student-athletes.” To receive the award, a student-athlete must achieve honours standing at their institution in the current academic year. At Capilano University, honours standing is given to students who achieve a GPA of 3.67 or higher.

    “We are very proud of our student-athletes who make an enormous commitment to our university and our community by dedicating countless hours of study, practice time and competition throughout the year,” said Milt Williams, CapU Manager of Athletics & Recreation. “The 20 recipients of the prestigious award exemplifies the values and work ethic of the Blues Athletics and the emphasis the program places on student success.”

    Ashley dela Cruz Yip, Basketball
    Sherrie Errico, Basketball
    AmberLee Kavanagh, Basketball
    Natasha Reimer, Basketball
    Susan Zdziechowski, Basketball
    Cameron Fay, Volleyball
    Mattias Wels Lopez, Volleyball
    Keeley Bell, Volleyball
    Kelsi Boroevich, Volleyball
    Tracy Ewashkiw, Volleyball
    Trina Ewashkiw, Volleyball
    Sarah Hughes, Volleyball
    Tyneille Neufeld, Volleyball
    Keith Jackson, Soccer
    Kaylin Kaila, Soccer
    Devan Woolley, Soccer
    Brooklynn Doucette, Soccer
    Natalie LeClerc, Soccer
    Julianna Mannella, Soccer
    Dominika Paige, Soccer

    The 20 National Scholar recipients are the second-most of any school in the PACWEST, and the most in a year at Capilano since 2007-08.

    For more information, please contact CJ Pentland, CapU Sports Information Director at cjpentland@capilanou.ca or 604.986.1911 local 3404.

    Submitted by: Blues Athletics