• Capilano University has a long history of successful career training for the Animation Industry. We have intensive training courses in traditional and 3D computer animation that lead to careers in animation as designers, storyboard artists, layout artists, 3D modelers, texture artists and animators. Browse our student galleries and see for yourself what a quality education could do for you!

    Why Choose Capilano University Animation?

    1. Commitment to Excellence
      Our success is tracked by the provincial government which means we are accountable for the quality of instruction and graduate success rates.
    2. Employability
      Our graduates have consistently found employment in the animation industry even during rough times. Visit the Gallery to see why our grads are in demand.
    3. Quality of Instruction
      The instructors in consultation with industry are the heart and soul of our programs. We are all industry professionals who take great pride in running one of the best programs in Canada.
    4. Small Class Sizes
      Not just small sizes but only one class per year! That means you're competing against fewer graduates. You're not just another student, you become part of our family.
    5. Cost of Education
      We are a provincially funded University which ensures a quality educational experience and controlled costs. Our school is not in the business of making money. We are in the business of educational excellence.
    6. Facilities
      We have great up-to-date facilities which provide a comfortable and inspiring learning environment.