Arts History Courses

  • AHIS 100 The History of Art I
    AHIS 101 The History of Art II
    AHIS 103 First Nations Art of the Northwest Coast
    AHIS 104 Introduction to Visual Culture I
    AHIS 105 Visual Culture: Exploring Themes
    AHIS 106 Pre-Columbian, African and Northwest Coast Indigenous Art
    AHIS 107 The Art of India, China and Japan
    AHIS 109 Women and Art History
    AHIS 210 History of Modern Art (19th Century)
    AHIS 211 History of Modern Art (20th Century)
    AHIS 215 Art and Technology
    AHIS 220 Early Renaissance Art in Italy
    AHIS 221 High Renaissance and Mannerist Art in Italy
    AHIS 231 History of Textile Art I
    AHIS 232 History of Textile Art II
    AHIS 241 Modern Architecture
    AHIS 250 Art and Nature Now: Environmental Crisis
    AHIS 251 Fortune, Fame, Forgery: Art and Business
    AHIS 252 Vancouver Art & Culture: Past and Present
    AHIS 260 Fabric and Society
    AHIS 305 History of Photography
    AHIS 315 Art of the Baroque
    AHIS 320 Art, Activism, and Citizenship
    AHIS 325 Approaches to Art
    AHIS 330 Art and Trauma
    AHIS 335 Canadian Content: Art, Land and National Identity
    AHIS 410 Museums and Collecting: The Rhetorics and Rituals of Display
    AHIS 425 Outcasts and Others in Western Art
    AHIS 430 DRAWN! The Art of Graphic Novels, Memoirs, Histories
    AHIS 490 Directed Studies

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