• Capilano University Senate
        Capilano University,
        2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver. B.C. V7J 3H5

        Tel: 604.986.1911 (ext. 2122 )
        E-mail: mjukich@capilanou.ca


      • General Information

        The Senate is established in conformity with the University Act and is responsible for policies concerning student evaluation, withdrawal, academic standing, appeals, grading, awards for excellence and curriculum content.  The Board of Governors obtains advice from Senate on a variety of matters.

        Senate is composed of 26 voting representatives which includes ten faculty, five Deans, four Students, two Staff, the Chancellor, President, the Academic Vice-President, Chief Librarian and one Alumni Member appointed by the President. In addition, there are non-voting members which includes a Board member, the Registrar, representative from Faculty, Staff and the Student Union, and from each Faculty there is an alternate member that becomes a voting member when one of the voting member of that Faculty is away.