What EA Grads Say

  • The EA program at Capilano U is simply the best in the province. And it is these instructors who make it so. They are experts working in their field and their collective knowledge and experience is shared with us generously. They have fundamentally changed my practice to make it reflective and inclusive and given me a personal philosophy in my work as an EA. I am so very honored to have not only 'shared the same space and air' but, to study with these amazing mentors in a meaningful and purposeful way!
    ~ N.Y.

    From the very start of this program, I felt that each of my professors were completely engaged in myself and my colleagues to bring forth the very best in each of us. I felt that they truly had our best interests in play, for each of us to endeavor to succeed. I was challenged at times, which made me dig deeper within, to do event better, to go even farther in my abilities. I especially appreciated Professor Allen's knowledge and commitment in both of his courses taught. This assisted me to strive to grasp course material with much more of a profound understanding. I truly appreciated each and every one of my professors for their commitment to this program which allowed me to create an amazing platform for me to stand proudly on as I adventure forth in my future career as an Education Assistant.
    ~ B.W.