Study Permits and Visas

      • To study in Canada, international students are required to obtain a Study Permit from Immigration and Citizenship Canada (CIC)

        Full time academic status is required by CIC, which is equivalent to nine academic credits or three courses at CapU.

        Important notice regarding working off-campus for students taking EAP courses in September 2018 

        • If you are taking EAP courses starting from September 2018, you need to take EAP courses simultaneously with at least one academic course in order to be eligible to work off-campus. This means that if you are taking 9 credits of EAP courses (starting in September), you must also be taking at least one academic course (3 credits) at the same time (for a total of 12 credits) in order to be eligible to work off-campus.
        • If you are taking only the 9 credits of EAP courses, you are not eligible to work off-campus. 
        • See: Study permits: Off-campus work section of the website for more details

        What to do if you already have a Study Permit

        What to do if you do not have a Study Permit

        • If you do not have a Study Permit, please obtain a Study Permit to ensure that you can legally study in Canada.  

        What to do when you receive your Letter of Acceptance (LOA)

        • When you have accepted the Offer of Admission by paying your $5,000 CAD tuition deposit, you will be sent a Letter of Acceptance (LOA), which includes information required for your Study Permit application or extension. 
        • Please use this letter to apply for or extend your Study Permit with Immigration and Citizenship Canada.  

        Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)

        • In addition to a Study Permit, citizens from certain countries will also be required to have a Temporary Resident Visa. Please find out if you need a Temporary Resident Visa

        Co-Op Work Permit

        • For some academic programs, work experience is a mandatory part of the curriculum.
        • If Box #24 is marked ‘yes’ on your official Letter of Acceptance (issued by CapU), you must obtain a co-op work permit before starting your co-op work term.
        • It is your responsibility to apply when you know the exact dates of your co-op work term.
        • For more information about this permit, please see the CIC website.

        Online programs

        • International students may apply for admission to online programs to study from their home countries.
        • International students enrolled in online programs will not be eligible for a Study Permit.

        Download our Immigration Information for International Students (.pdf) for more information.