Oct. 30, 2003: Course to help writers adapt to Web style

      Kilian, the author of Writing for the Web, will teach a new course in Web content development at Capilano College in January 2004. He has taught Web writing not only at the College, but also in workshops in Toronto and Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is currently exploring the educational uses of Weblogs.

      “The Web revolution is moving much faster than anyone imagined,” Kilian says. “Ten years ago we were happy to download a simple file. Now we depend on the Web for everything from news to shopping to self-publishing. But the content of most Web sites is ‘shovelware’—print text dumped on the site with little or no adaptation to the medium.”

      Without that adaptation, says Kilian, Web content can actually drive people away from a site.

      “Communications 345 will equip students to modify print text, write original Web text, and organize it by the three principles of good Web writing: orientation, information, and action. The result should be content that attracts visitors to a site, makes them comfortable as they get the information they came for, and lets them take the action they want to. It’s a good course for both individual Web creators and for people creating content for business and government sites.”

      The course will meet on Wednesday evenings, 6:30-10:30, at Capilano College’s North Vancouver campus. Start date is January 14.

      CMNS 345 is also part of a new Professional Communications Certificate program, offering courses in such subjects as visual communications, technical writing, and advanced business writing. But Kilian says students do not need to join the program to take such courses. “Students interested in our courses should talk with me before they register,” he says.

      For more information, contact Crawford Kilian at 604.983.7585 or ckilian@thehub.capcollege.bc.ca. The Communications department’s site is at http://www.capilanou.ca/programs/cmns/index.xhtml


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