November 14, 2002: College alumni aid victims of Bali bombing

      November 14, 2002
      Contact: Shelley Kean at 604.983.7596

      (NORTH VANCOUVER)--Alumni from the McRae Institute of International Management at Capilano College have raised $6,500 for Balinese people trying to recuperate after the October 12 bombing.

      "About 45 per cent of the people killed in the bombing were Indonesian," says Dr. Scott MacLeod, instructor of the Asia Pacific Management program at Capilano College and organizer of the alumni fundraiser.

      "It was really bad immediately after the incident because the hospital wasn't equipped to deal with the seriousness of people's injuries. Most of the international visitors were airlifted out right away, but the Balinese people were left to fend for themselves. The money we raised will help families with grief counselling, supplies, medicine, rebuilding, that sort of thing."

      Capilano College alumni are working with Bali Hati, a non-profit foundation established in 1997 to promote the educational and social welfare of the people of Bali. The economic crisis that beset Indonesia in 1997 created serious financial difficulties for many Balinese families, with the result that food assistance became necessary for many. In a cooperative effort with the Indonesian Department of Social, Bali Hati designed a program, which now provides food assistance to more than 500 families. At the same time Bali Hati helps to assist villagers in the development of work initiatives that will promote greater self-sufficiency.

      One of the current students in the APMCP program, which holds an annual mid-term conference in Bali, is from Indonesia. It was through her that the alumni heard just how bad conditions are in that country.

      "People are doing nice things around the world for the people in Bali," MacLeod says. "For once, I look forward to opening my e-mail and reading my messages because they contain news about compassion and generosity."

      Balinese memorial services will be held at Ground Zero in New York City and at other villages and sites throughout Bali on Friday, November 15 to honour and mourn the victims of the devastating event.

      Mitra Kiamanesh chairs the McRae Institute of International Management at Capilano College. It was founded in honour of philanthropist Robert W. McRae. McRae has generously donated $1.2 million to Capilano College, one of the single largest donations to a college in British Columbia's history. The money has contributed to the formation of the new institute of international management.

      The creation of the McRae Institute is a key moment in the evolution of the APMCP, Latin American Management Program (LAMP) and Canasean program as it represents a confluence of the leadership of McRae, the ongoing support of the College's academic and employer partners and the sustaining contributions of the provincial and federal governments.

      The institute was established to provide resources for the continued growth of its core programs. It addition, it will develop a leadership niche in applied international management training focusing on emerging markets, small and medium enterprises and a new generation of international managers. The institute will be a network of excellence for the sharing of knowledge concerning international management practice. It will have a physical expression in the new space that is currently part of Capilano College's capital campaign, Opening Doors, Changing Lives.

      The award-winning AMPCP and LAMP are unique internationally recognized post-graduate programs. The programs create a supportive community of well-trained internationalists who form a management network and enhance Canada's global connections. Through their educational and professional expertise graduates acquire the competencies to succeed in today's new economy incorporating areas of change management, leadership, flexibility and entrepreneurial initiative. The Canasean program provides mid-level private, public and non-profit professionals from Asia and Latin America with an opportunity to broaden and develop their leadership skills.

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      For more information, contact:
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