May 14, 2001: Survival of the e-fittest

      May 14, 2001
      Contact:  Heather Plume, at 986-1911, local 2217

      Survival of the e-fittest

      (NORTH VANCOUVER)--Remember Jeff Varner on Survivor II: The Australian Outback? Jeff works back home as an e-business project manager. In today’s new e-lingo, Jeff is a boundary spanner -- someone who will span and lead across dysfunctional areas in organizations.

      "An e-business project manager can link the offline and online needs of a company and its customers, bridging gaps between Internet technology and the marketing and sales departments," says Capilano College instructor, Paul Cubbon. "This is an emerging and necessary management role that requires a broad range of skills."

      To survive the competitive nature of today’s business world, an e-business background is almost a necessity to outwit, outplay and outlast competitors. This has never been more apparent as countless dotcom companies implode and more established organizations grapple with the influx of modern technology. The person who should be minding the e-store is someone who has the understanding of core business, as well as how that would translate into e-business opportunities.

      "Employers also need to recognize the value of training their employees to use e-business more efficiently without having to become a Web designer," Cubbon adds.

      While the solution for many is hiring a boundary spanner, it is challenging to find someone with these combined skills and abilities. The new part-time evening e-Business certificate program at Capilano College is designed to fill this gap. It helps students develop an understanding of an entire range of e-business activities. Areas of study may include implementing e-business solutions and strategies using the Internet, developing a practical understanding of technical and design tools, and building strong e-business research and analytical skills. Students will also complete an Internet business plan as part of a group project.

      Beginning in September, evening classes and partial online delivery will enable participants who are employed full-time to complete the 30-week program without having to leave their day jobs. The $3,800 cost is half the price of comparable programs offered at the University of British Columbia or Simon Fraser University. The College’s e-Business program also complements its current Business Administration certificate, diploma and advanced diploma programs, as well as its Bachelor of Business Administration degree in conjunction with the B.C. Open University.

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