August 10, 1999: Capilano College program shows freelancers how to break into print

      August 10, 1999
      Contact: Crawford Kilian
      (604) 983-7585

      (NORTH VANCOUVER)--Communications 190 (Magazine Writing) at Capilano College is teaching freelancers how to get their work published.

      "Some of our students break into print before the course is even over," says instructor Crawford Kilian.

      CMNS 190 will meet at the North Vancouver campus on Tuesday evenings, 7 to 10 p.m., starting September 7 and ending November 30. Total cost for registration and tuition is $160.

      A successful freelancer with more than 600 publications in newspapers and magazines, Kilian has seen his CMNS 190 students publish in many local and national periodicals, and as far away as Scotland and New Zealand.

      "That’s going to become much more common as writers explore the World Wide Web," Kilian says. "We’ll be paying special attention to Web markets this semester. (His most recent book from Self-Counsel Press is Writing for the Web).

      Each student, says Kilian, will sit down with him to work out an agenda of three article projects. With each article, the first draft gets detailed critiquing from both instructor and other students. After revision, the finished article goes out to the market most likely to accept it.

      "A well-organized, well-written article that meets the market’s requirements is far more likely to win acceptance," says Kilian. "Editors love to find new writers they can rely on, writers who already know how to deliver a professional product."

      Experience in freelance writing, he adds, is often helpful in many professional and technical careers. "If you’ve published, you’re a better writer than most," Kilian says. "And no employer has enough good writers."

      For more information about CMNS 190 and other evening Communications courses, call Crawford Kilian at 983-7585, or e-mail him at