June 8, 2015: Capilano University celebrates the 2015 Alumni Awards of Excellence

      June 8, 2015 (NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C.)- Capilano University's ninth annual Alumni Awards of Excellence, held on June 2, 2015, honoured alumni, community organizations and University faculty with awards for outstanding achievements.

      The 2015 Alumni Awards of Excellence recipients include: the Distinguished Alumni Award- Glen Leonard  and Otis Perrick ; the One to Watch Alumni Award- Rattan Bagga ; the President's Service Award- Municipal Finance Authority  and Tourism Vancouver , and the Award for Excellence in Empowering Learning- Gerrie Waugh , Capilano University faculty.

      "Capilano University prepares students to apply their knowledge and skills in ways that will address the challenges that confront us all during this time of rapid change and uncertainty.  Our 2015 award recipients truly reflect how Capilano has empowered each of them to embrace challenges as opportunities and think outside the box in ways that provide the creativity, insight and hope necessary to have an impact in their workplace and communities," said Capilano University President, Dr. Kris Bulcroft.  "These award ceremonies, now in their 9th year, always remind me why I am so proud to be part of a campus culture that puts students first and strives to make each and every student a change-maker."

      To date, Capilano University has honoured more than 130 people and organizations who have distinguished themselves and the university through their contributions and accomplishments. Previous recipients have included Dr. Thomas Kerr, world renowned HIV/AIDs research pioneer, and best-selling author and playwright, Anosh Irani. The awards celebration event was attended by more than 150 guests including past Alumni Awards of Excellence recipients, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of the university. The event's sponsors included Phillips, Hager & North, Best Service Pros, Concord Security, COPE 378, Neptune Terminals and Vinci Park.

      Capilano University is a learner-centred university in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Capilano University has earned an international reputation for quality teaching, programs and services, instilling the knowledge, skills, motivation and attitudes that will enable students to become independent thinkers and learners, and to contribute effectively in a rapidly changing world. More information can be found on the  Capilano University website .


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      The  Distinguished Alumni Award  honours Capilano alumni of integrity and stature who have had more than 10 years of experience in their field prior to the award year and have distinguished themselves and Capilano through success in their professional endeavors or contributions in their field of work or humanity.

      Recipient Glen Leonard  

      Glen Leonard has built a remarkable career in academics after dropping out of high school at the age of 16 because of bullying.  After working in retail for a few years, he became disenchanted with the world of work and earned a high school diploma in just six months.  He then enrolled at Capilano where he earned stellar marks and moved on to UBC, choosing to specialize in English literature. A Queen Elizabeth II scholarship helped pave the way to study at Oxford where he earned his master's in English literature.  His work focused on the work of novelist and social critic E.M. Forster and he was commended by his professors for his insight and brilliance. Glen earned his doctorate at Cambridge in 2011 and also found the time to complete a Certificate for Teaching English to Adults, which he put to use as a volunteer English teacher.  He later became a guest lecturer at Stanford University where he earned great praise.    

      Recipient Otis Perrick  

      Otis Perrick left his Arts studies at Capilano early to develop consumer marketing campaigns for Electronic Arts (EA), one of the world's largest sports and gaming companies.  At EA, Otis was known for taking initiative, setting an outstanding example for his colleagues. He then founded his own interactive entertainment company, Disruptive Media , which develops digital personalization content for Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation.  In 2013, the company was recognized by Business in Vancouver (BIV) as one of the fastest growing companies and Otis received the distinction of being one of BIV's 40 Under 40.  In addition to Otis' professional achievements, he finds time to give back to the community.  For two decades he has helped raise money for orphanages in India through Child Haven International. 

      The One to Watch Awards  recognize alumni for the same reasons at the Distinguished Alumni Awards, but they are awarded to alumni who have been 10 years or less removed from Capilano.

      Recipient Rattan Bagga  

      Since earning a BBA from Capilano in 2007, the engaging entrepreneur Rattan Bagga has worked in just about every role in his family's network of food businesses.  Currently CEO of New World Natural Foods , he is also VP Marketing of Everland Natural Foods Inc.  and General Manager of Jiva Organics .  In his role at New World Natural Foods, he recognized early the gluten-free trend, launching Bliss Balls, the now wildly popular organic gluten-free chocolate snack, into the marketplace.  He gives back generously of his time, including participating as  a cabinet member of the Night of Miracles Gala which supports the Children's Hospital Acute Care Unit and co-founding Young Entrepreneurship Leadership Launchpad  (YELL) Canada, a non-profit that creates business entrepreneurship opportunities with schools that connect students to the real world with mentors. 

      The President's Service Awards  honour organizations and individuals who have helped Capilano University achieve its mission.

      Municipal Finance Authority  

      The Municipal Finance Authority 's (MFA) support of Capilano's Public Administration program began when the program was initiated in 1994.  The organization's assistance was critical to the development of the initial Certificate program, as well as the development of new programs and courses over the past 20 years.  Specific projects funded through the Len Traboulay Education Fund established by the MFA, include underwriting the whole cost of updating and supplementing the course book for Municipal Law in BC and the development of the first master's degree in Local Government Administration. 

      Tourism Vancouver  

      Tourism Vancouver 's management team including former President and CEO, Rick Antonson and Cara Vanderhall, Manager, Experience Vancouver, have been strong supporters of Capilano's Tourism programs by offering mentorships and co-op placements to students.  As well, the Advisory Committee to Capilano's tourism programs thrives under the leadership of Tourism Vancouver's former Executive VP Paul Vallee.  The Committee benefits from Mr. Vallee's experienced and distinguished network of key people in the industry.

      The Award for Excellence in Empowering Learning  honours an individual who works on campus and who aids and furthers the learning process.

      Gerrie Waugh  

      A valued and distinguished faculty member of the School of Business , Gerrie is renowned for the Organizational Behaviour (OB) course she teaches, creating classes that are interactive, participatory and learner centred.  Capilano's School of Business External Advisory Committees report regularly on how well Capilano business graduates are prepared for the workplace, much of this due to Gerrie's OB class and its innovative curriculum.  In addition, Gerrie has been instrumental in developing the School of Business' capstone course, Negotiation Skills, which employers greatly value for the skills that students take to the global marketplace as a result of taking this course.  Gerrie also teaches beyond Capilano - in the workplace and internationally - putting all of this experience and growth to use in the classroom and her other endeavors.