June 10, 2014: Capilano University celebrates the 2014 Alumni Awards of Excellence

      Community leader, music therapy innovator and former Chancellor among recipients

      June 10, 2014 (NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C.)- At the eighth annual Alumni Awards of Excellence held on June 3, 2014, Capilano University presented six alumni and one organization with awards for outstanding achievements and the spirit of community and lifelong connection to Capilano University.   

      The 2014 Alumni Awards of Excellence recipients include: the Distinguished Alumni Award- Lisa Hubbard; the One to Watch Alumni Award- Joseph Cooke and Gemma Isaac; the President's Service Award- Coastal Corridor Consortium and Peter Ufford, and the Award for Excellence in Empowering Learning- Dianne Neufeld and Jane Still, all Capilano University faculty.

      "The unique role of any university is best seen through the contributions of its alumni and students and Capilano University takes great pride in the achievements of our more than 65,000 alumni," said Capilano University President, Dr. Kris Bulcroft. "The Awards of Excellence recipients exemplify Capilano's mission of instilling knowledge and skills that will enable students to contribute effectively in a rapidly changing world."

      To date, Capilano University has honoured more than 125 people and organizations who have distinguished themselves and the university through their contributions and accomplishments. Previous recipients have included Dr. Thomas Kerr, world renowned HIV/AIDs research pioneer, and best-selling author and playwright, Anosh Irani.

      The recipients were honoured at a celebration event held June 3 at Capilano University's Sportsplex, attended by more than 150 guests including past Alumni Awards of Excellence recipients, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of the university. The event's gold sponsors included Neptune Terminals, Phillips, Hager & North, and Western Stevedoring.

      Capilano University is a learner-centred university with campuses in North Vancouver, Squamish and Sechelt, British Columbia. Capilano University has earned an international reputation for quality teaching, programs and services, instilling the knowledge, skills, motivation and attitudes that will enable students to become independent thinkers and learners, and to contribute effectively in a rapidly changing world. More information can be found on the Capilano University website.

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      The Distinguished Alumni Award honours Capilano alumni of integrity and stature who have had more than 10 years of experience in their field prior to the award year and have distinguished themselves and Capilano through success in their professional endeavors or contributions in their field of work or humanity.

      Recipient Lisa Hubbard

      Since graduating in 1996 from Capilano's Early Childhood Education program, Lisa has worked in nearly every program offered at North Shore Neighbourhood House (NSNH), eventually taking on the role of Executive Director in 2011. Her role is challenging, directing a large multi-service agency with 150 staff, 700 volunteers and services that range from prenatal to community services such as a food bank and health prevention services.  She has formed collaborations with many agencies and levels of government to provide innovative programs such as Mosaic, a multi-cultural preschool for recent immigrants.
      View the video vignette about Lisa Hubbard.



      The One to Watch Awards recognizes alumni for the same reasons at the Distinguished Alumni Awards, but they are awarded to alumni who have been 10 years or less removed from Capilano.

      Recipient Joseph Cooke

      Joseph Cooke has had a remarkable professional journey in the short time since he left Capilano.  Completing a Bachelor of Tourism Management in record time, he joined Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts as a corporate management trainee at the China World Hotel in Beijing. Being a part of the management team responsible for opening the new Shangri-La property in Vancouver in 2008, he was promoted to executive director, becoming the youngest executive committee member in the Shangri-La Hotel group's history.  In 2010 he co-founded his own company, Web Presence in China, which provides web-based marketing and IT solutions.  Joseph has won several awards for his entrepreneurial endeavors and places extraordinarily high value on contributing to the community.
      View the video vignette about Joseph Cooke.

      Recipient Gemma Isaac

      An exceptional student in Capilano's Music Therapy program, Gemma completed her internship in the Burn, Plastics and Trauma Unit at Vancouver General Hospital.  Gemma was creative and industrious enough to create her own position after her internship was completed.  Through networking, fundraising and liaising with allied organizations, she raised sufficient funds to support the part-time Music Therapy position in the Unit.  Gemma recently accepted the position of President of the Music Therapy Association of BC.  As a colleague summed up, "To have accomplished so much so early in her career is unusual. To do it with such joy and passion is singular."
      View the video vignette about Gemma Isaac.



      The President's Service Awards honour organizations and individuals who have helped Capilano University achieve its mission.

      Recipient Peter Ufford

      As former president Dr. Greg Lee said in his nomination statement of Peter Ufford, "There is no one more deserving than Peter to receive an award for advancing the mission of Capilano University."  Dr. Lee's comments are echoed by current President, Dr. Kris Bulcroft who cited among his accomplishments securing funding for the Bosa Film Centre and "his passionate and articulate efforts to educate the Ministry about the unique role Capilano plays within the BC post-secondary educational system."  The inaugural Chancellor of Capilano University, Ufford has been a generous donor to the university, with many of his gifts funding student bursaries and he has unfailingly presided over convocations during his administration, offering inspiring words to graduating students.

      Recipient Coastal Corridor Consortium

      Established to enable collaboration to continuously enhance post-secondary education for Aboriginal learners, the Coastal Corridor Consortium was formed in 2007.  Funded by the Ministry of Advanced Education, the Consortium provides improved support and services for Capilano's aboriginal learners in specific programs such as the Business Administration Certificate for the Squamish Nation and business courses in Mount Currie.  A testament to the success of the program is included in a letter of support for the nomination, "The student success rate - the completion of a program or degree - for Aboriginal students has increased each year since 2005, with a 45 percent increase overall."
      View the video vignette about the Coastal Corridor Consortium.



      The Award for Excellence in Empowering Learning honours an individual who works on campus and who aids and furthers the learning process.

      Recipient Dianne Neufeld and Jane Still

      Dianne Neufeld and Jane Still were nominated as joint recipients of the Award for Excellence in Empowering Learning as exemplary models of how important team-work, effective communication, critical thinking and selflessness are to success in the film industry.  Both women have been recognized as pillars in the BC Film community and guiding forces for hundreds of students that have passed through Capilano University.  They have been with the program since its inception in 1998/1999 and have been instrumental in crafting the curriculum to nurture scores of new, talented representatives of the Capilano film brand into the world of filmmaking beyond Vancouver. View the video vignette about Dianne Neufeld and Jane Still.