The Campus Eco Map - The Story of a Collaboration

    CapU Eco Map

    CapU Campus Eco Map

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    Bethany Leonard is a recent graduate of the Tourism & Outdoor Recreation Management program at Capilano University. She currently works in both Tourism and Outdoor Rec as a Supervisor at Edgewater Lodge in Whistler and as a Guide with Whistler EcoTours taking groups on paddle, hike and bike tours. Throughout her time at Cap, Beth become truly passionate about protecting natural environments and contributing to a sense of community and thus collaborated on creating the Cap&U Eco Tour & Eco-Map highlighting the unique outdoor spaces at Capilano. She believes that much good comes from people connecting meaningfully to the outdoors.


    Megan Leonard is a character designer for 9 Story Entertainment Studio in Toronto and also works as a freelance illustrator for various individuals and publications, including Cloud Ad Agents, and The Hockey News. Megan was extremely generous in donating her expert design skills to the creation of the Eco-Map of Cap U.  Many thanks goes to her from her little sis Beth (her partner in crime) and the Cap community!