Davina Choy

Magazine Publishing Certificate

Davina ChoyI came to the Magazine Publishing program (MPP) with a lot of interest in magazine writing and publishing, but very little experience in the field. I loved print magazines – the graphics, the glamorous spreads, the witty personal essays and hard-hitting features – but I had no idea how a magazine was actually put together from beginning to end. I was only familiar with the glossy end-product, but not the specific work required to make a magazine really shine and sell.

Through the MPP’s rigorous and holistic approach to teaching, I was quickly schooled in the various aspects of magazine publishing, from concept to content to marketing and creating a business plan. Understanding this helped me piece together how a magazine successfully comes together, and knowing this has been invaluable – first, as an intern at the Knowledge Network, and then in the workplace as Community & Digital Media Coordinator at The Canadian Encyclopedia.

That was most surprising about the program was discovering things I hadn’t known I’d need. Learning about typography and layout, and studying the works of the great art directors, made me see the utmost importance of visual communication. Learning the technical aspects of Adobe InDesign and Photoshop allowed me to put my learning into practice, and these days, I continue to build on the graphic skills I learned in the program.

For anyone interested in learning the ins and outs of magazine publishing, the MPP is a fantastic choice. It gives students a comprehensive understanding of magazine publishing and puts them in contact with industry professionals. Best of all, it's topped off with an internship, where the MPP’s seven weeks of instruction can be applied to a real publication!