Landon Marie Spenrath

Magazine Publishing Certificate

Landon Marie SpenrathI came to the Magazine Publishing program after a few years of working as a designer and photographer for flyers. Layout and magazines have been a lifelong passion that I’ve always wanted to pursue as a career. I knew this program would compliment my existing work experience as well as give me a knowledge advantage in this industry. Though my main interest is design, I know that the writing and editing component of this program has and will benefit my career immeasurably. The keys to this program are the industry events, learning all of the industry “secrets” and politics from your instructors, and finding a good internship. Do not underestimate the internship, and bring your best attitude to your placement. I completed a design internship with BC Business magazine at Canada Wide Media in August 2011. Interning for BC Business felt like coming home to me, and it confirmed that this industry is where I want to be. I was an honest, hardworking and respectful intern. When the timing was right, Canada Wide offered me a production coordination position, with generous room to move up. Taking this program has, without a doubt, fast-tracked me into an industry that I love.