Motion picture arts: The next generation

February 26, 2015

 Motion picture arts: The next generation

Remember the big news last year? Despite a volatile Canadian dollar and fierce competition across the continent, the North Shore's film industry pulled through with record-breaking success in 2013. As we now look back at 2014-not without its own economic ups and downs-reports are showing that we've shattered the records once again

For those who didn't happen to run into Blake Lively, Tim Burton or Harrison Ford on the streets of North Van last year and ask them why they're filming here, industry experts like Capilano University's School of Motion Picture Arts chair Murray Stiller can tell you more about the appeal. The Canadian dollar, proximity to Los Angeles, year-round access, pristine wilderness locations; all are classic reasons for filmmakers to choose North Vancouver. Murray also emphasizes, however, that after over four decades of development, the local industry's cutting-edge infrastructure, technology and talent pools have formed solid foundations in a vacillating industry.

"Vancouver has become really well-known for its digital side," says Murray. "It's a leader in digital effects, animation, 3D animation, visual effects. Vancouver is known as  the  place to get this stuff done." More...

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