Lee Polychronopoulos: a different route to business school

July 21, 2014

 Lee Polychronopoulos: a different route to business school

Lee Polychronopoulos wasn't a fan of high school. He's a smart guy, he just didn't care. "My grades suffered due to apathy, not ability," is the tactful way the fourth-year Bachelor of Business Administration student puts it today. When Lee graduated from high school in 2008, he knew he would probably want to go to university eventually, but, at that point, he didn't want to think about school for one more moment and decided to take a year off.

After spending a few months travelling through Europe and a few more working full-time on Grouse Mountain, in late 2009, Lee finally decided it was time to look into universities. What he quickly realized, however, was that his grades in Math and English weren't going to make the cut. Still, he wanted to do more than just go back to high school. "I was not interested in taking two courses and only getting into university," he says. "I wanted a program that could give me something tangible upon completion and prepare me for studying in a university environment."

At the time, Lee had never even considered studying business, but learned that Capilano University's four-month Business Fundamentals certificate would allow him to both bring up his Math and English grades  and  earn three post-secondary credits When he also discovered that students achieving a B+ average in the program would earn automatic acceptance into Capilano University School of Business, a strange new feeling came over him: you might call it "motivation."

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