Special combined EAP 100/101 courses and English 100 Offered in Fall Term 2015

June 26, 2015

The EAP Department is proud to announce that EAP students at the 100/101 level will now have an opportunity to combine their EAP courses with a special section of English 100 in the Fall 2015 term.  In the past, EAP students finished the EAP 100/101 level and then took English 100 later.  English 100 is required for most diplomas and degrees at Capilano University. 

Now EAP students can benefit from taking EAP 100/101 and English 100 at the same time.  There are several advantages.  First, both the EAP 100/101 instructor and the English 100 instructor will work closely to integrate the curriculum in a way that helps students succeed.  Therefore, students are supported in the English 100 class by the EAP 100/101 curriculum.  Second, students will not have to take the English Diagnostic Test (EDT) to be admitted to the English 100 course.  Upon successful completion of the courses, students will receive up to nine course credits.  

More information:

TAKE ENGLISH 100 AND EAP 100/101 TOGETHER in Fall 2015!

(EAP 100, EAP 101, and ENGL 100)  

  • No EDT necessary for entrance into the English 100 course
  • Two instructors (EAP and English departments) work together to help you succeed
  • Course material integrated
  • 9 credits
  • Maximum number of students in all classes is 18.
  • Must achieve a 77% or higher in EAP 090 in order to register
  • If you are a new student at Capilano, or if you would like more information, contact the EAP Department at  or at 604 984 4971 for more information.

Submitted by: Corey Muench, EAP Department