Colin Jack and the long road to Dreamworks

January 1, 0001

 Colin Jack and the long road to Dreamworks

Colin Jack could teach post-secondary students a few things about persistence.

The former Vancouverite got bitten by the animation bug at the age of nine, after watching a TV show about how cartoons were made. "I just liked to draw," he says simply today, from the Dreamworks Studios campus in California.

With his dad encouraging him to pursue a career in animation, Colin eventually applied to the 2D Animation program at Capilano University (then a college). The first time he tried to get into the 24-student cohort program, however, he got turned down. While discouraged, he decided to enrol in a fine arts program elsewhere and polish his portfolio, also taking a job at Zellers to make ends meet. Colin remembers still working at Zellers when he eventually got into Cap in 2000, and even continued to work there for a year after he graduated-albeit, as he says, "winning the award for worst employee ever." 

During his time at Cap, Colin developed a strong interest in film character design, but still didn't plunge directly into the world of professional animation. After graduating, he continued to work independently on his portfolio until he got his first gig at a small, local animation studio. This eventually led to other projects in Toronto, as well as a chance to illustrate children's books including the Galaxy Zack series.

Colin's passion, however, remained to specialize in character design and storyboard illustration, so one day he decided to email someone he admired at  Pixar , out of the blue, asking him to take a look at his work. He was thrilled to receive a return phone call! His new contact even suggested that Colin should include storyboards in his portfolio inspired by his other drawing samples. He credits that approach with landing him his first opportunity with Sony Pictures Animation, working on the film Hotel Transylvania, with many more to follow.

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