Capilano University Business Pathway Program Announces Course Changes

May 27, 2015

Business Pathway Group Photo

The Business Pathway Program at Capilano University will be making course modifications for the 2015-2016 academic year.  Two new courses will be added to the program.  This will allow students to focus more on their business credential while getting support with the required English 100 course.

The Business Pathway is a combined program for non-native English speaking students.  It allows these students to study business courses while working on improving their academic English.  The 2015-2016 Pathway terms are as follows:

Fall 2015

BADM 101             Business Management
BCPT 123              Business Computing
EAP 090                English for Academic Purposes 3

Spring 2016

BADM 102           Quantitative Methods
BFIN 141              Accounting
ENGL 100            Academic Writing Strategies
EAP 100/101        English for Academic Purposes 4

The Advantages of the Business Pathway

1.  Students finish 18 credits of courses which can be used to complete a business credential at Capilano University.

2.  Students do not have to worry about waitlists when registering; all courses are reserved for Pathway students.

3.  The curriculum of the BADM 101 and ENGL 100courses is integrated into the EAP 090 and EAP 100/101 courses.  This means that the EAP instructors will besupporting students in their completion of BADM 101 and ENGL 100.

4.  Pathway students do not have to take the English Diagnostic Test to enter English 100 when taking English 100 as part of the Business Pathway program.  Students who continue into the Spring term of the Pathway are automatically accepted into English 100.

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    Submitted by: Corey Muench, EAP Department