EAP Computer-Assisted Language Lab Drop-In for EAP Students

January 23, 2015

Take advantage of this drop-in by completing your homework, exploring ESL software, learning more about the lab and computers, working with MS Office programs, getting support from the Computer-Assisted Language Learning Support Specialist or practicing a particular skill/competency area: listening, pronunciation, speaking, reading, vocabulary, writing, grammar, and spelling. You can also learn about ESL programs that are accessible from your home computer.

If you are struggling with specific material in your class, you can find out whether there are any software tutorials or practice activities available in the lab or online by asking the Computer-Assisted Language Learning Support Specialist or by referring to the correlations documents on the EAP Student Resource Site for your level and skill area. If you are trying to prepare for the next term, you can also refer to the correlations for learning resources that are applicable to your next level and skill area. To learn more about the EAP lab, visit http://capilanou.ca/programs-courses/eap/Computer-Assisted-Language-Learning-Lab/ . To view the lab schedule, refer to the posting on the lab door.

Note: If  you are not available during the drop-in times or would like additional computer time, you can visit the LRC lab in AR 121. You can access many useful ESL websites via the EAP Student Resource Site as well as access some ESL programs. The LRC is open during the fall and spring terms. The schedule is posted beside the EAP lab door and the LRC lab door.

Submitted by: HS