EAP Student Feature: Rakan Al-Jnidel

March 12, 2014

"I'm not afraid of anything!"

Rakan Al-Jnidel

If the words diligent, energetic, outgoing, and forward-thinking could be personified, you would get Rakan Al-Jnidel. Finishing his final term in Capilano's English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Department before studying Business Administration, Rakan says that with the help of EAP teachers, he has been able to not only improve his language ability, he has also learned organizational skills which give him the drive to work harder and more efficiently.

Rakan began the EAP program at the 060 level and is currently finishing up EAP 100 and 101. The difference between the two?

"There is no mercy in EAP 100/101!" says Rakan, jokingly.

"EAP 060 was impressive because I was learning so many skills, not just grammar, but using grammar to write paragraphs. We also had reading, vocabulary, listening, and speaking. But one of the greatest gifts the EAP's fascinating teachers gave me was the ability to be organized. This way, I could study better."

Rakan says that all of his 060 teachers made students organize class binders, one tab for each subject. Not only did they tell the students to maintain the binder, they made sure that the students continued to use it during the semester. In addition, Doug, one of Rakan's EAP instructors, gave the class a five-minute quiz every morning at the beginning of class. Rakan says it forced everyone to come on time and study the topic.

These things made me confident, and they gave me confidence to keep going," Rakan says.

Rakan explains that the jump to EAP 080, 090 and 100/101 is serious. "Students have to be disciplined and organized, and students are responsible for each word they use. You must back up what you say with credible support."

Rakan says that in EAP 100 and 101, students are learning things that they use every day in the academic classes they are taking. Rakan is currently taking Business Management.

"So much of the vocabulary we learn in EAP come up in the Management textbook, and all of the presentation skills I learned throughout EAP have really helped me in the Management class. I couldn't do all of this without the organizational skills I learned in all of the EAP levels. I think this is exactly what students need."

Rakan is certain that all his work and organization will pay off in the future.

"After finishing my degree, I am sure that many doors will open for me because my degree from Capilano and from Canada can give me the opportunity to work everywhere, and my English, which improved because of my EAP studies, can be used worldwide."

Rakan looks at both his past experience and his bright future in his concluding remark: "Capilano has given me a family environment. I never felt homesick. I like what I'm doing. I like the EAP teachers. I am confident with my English. I can communicate. I know my accent is different, but I can communicate, and I am not afraid of anything!"

Submitted by: Corey Muench, EAP Department