New for Fall 2013: English for Academic Purposes Business Pathway

July 5, 2013

Beginning in the Fall of 2013, the EAP Department at Capilano University will launch a new program in a partnership with Capilano’s School of Business.  ESL students who are studying at the EAP 090 and EAP 100/101 levels (the top two levels of the EAP program) can choose to register in the EAP Business Pathway.

Earn academic credit sooner by getting direct support from highly-skilled EAP instructors.

Two of the main advantages of the EAP Business Pathway are:

  • The Pathway allows you to begin getting credit for business courses while you are improving your English.  Upon successful completion of the Pathway Program, you will have earned 18 credits which can be applied toward your business degree.
  • Two of the Pathway’s business elective courses (Art History 104 and Sociology 100) are supported by the partner EAP course.  This means that while you are taking these elective courses, your EAP teacher will be closely guiding you and helping you with these elective courses. 

EAP Business Pathway Structure

View the overall structure of the EAP Business Pathway (.pdf) online.

Business Pathway Requirements

  • You must be accepted into either level 090 or level 100/101 of the EAP Department.  The 090 level is approximately equivalent to a 5.5 IELTS score.  The 100/101 level is approximately equivalent to a 6.0 IELTS score.  The EAP Department may require you to take its English Placement Test to verify your level of English.
  • You must be highly motivated.  The courses you will take in the EAP Business Pathway are interesting but quite challenging! You will be taking between 20 and 24 hours of class per week.

For More Information

Please contact the EAP Department at Capilano University for more information.  We can be reached at 604-986-1911 extension 4971

Business Administration Pathway webpage

Submitted by: Corey Muench