Markus Pukonen: on a mission for change

October 8, 2015

Markus Pukonen: on a mission for change

Markus Pukonen has always had a taste for adventure. The former Capilano University documentary film student has fought forest fires in B.C., backpacked around Latin America, paddle-boarded across the Georgia Strait and navigated the Atlantic in a rowboat—but his most ambitious undertaking has only just begun.

On July 13 this year, Markus loaded up a canoe and pushed off from the bank of Lake Ontario to begin a five-year journey that will take him around the world without a motor.

That’s right, using whatever means available to him—be it a bike, boat or pogo stick—he is circumnavigating the globe to raise $10 million (or more) for grassroots organizations on an expedition aptly named Routes of Change.

“I am basically using my adventures as a way to market people and organizations who are doing amazing things and could use more support,” says Markus. More...

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