Siu Chow, Berny

    Berny Siu Chow

    IDEA student

    Aichi Gakusen College, Japan - Summer 2014

    As you are all likely aware, watching a hockey game on TV is far different from watching it at the actual game at hockey stadium. This, as you can imagine, applies to traveling. Reading books and articles or watching videos about a place is very different from being in the actual place. Traveling to the place allows you to experience the culture as well as see things from a different perspective. To me, this allowed me to grow even more as a person.

    The Capilano Student Exchange program supported me financially and provided me with guidance with every step of the way. They also communicated with the Japanese Exchange Program at Aichi Gakusen to ensure that things were taken care of at their end. As a newbie in the traveling world, this helped me tremendously. Although certain things were taken care of for me, I now know what needs to be done when traveling.