Brown, James
    Moral of the story is go study abroad and you will not only not regret it, you will thank yourself for it.

    James Brown

    BBA student

    INSEEC Business School, France - Spring 2014

    I am not even going to say go study abroad because you already know you should. However, for argument sake were going to go over the reasons why you think you shouldn’t go.

    #1) it is too expensive.

    Yes this experience does cost money. The money spend does not have to be all yours. Resources are available to you but you already know that. Student loans, scholarships, or if all else fails your parents. Even if you do have the money, why spend it on study abroad? Other than obvious why not answer, the money you spend on study abroad should not be considered a sunk cost.

    #2) I am too lazy. Not a valid argument, not going to dignify with a response.

    #3) I would rather just stay at Cap. Tuition for Cap for 3rd and 4th year is around 2400 dollars with the surcharge for upper lever classes, the tuition paid for an abroad semester does not include the upper level surcharge which is usually around 4 to 5 hundred, meaning you save this money on tuition. Not to mention at my school there was no textbooks or readings that were necessary. Furthermore, class abroad is not class at Cap. The work load during exchange is similar to that of high school and I am not complaining. Basically it is 12 credits you get for free while on vacation, commonly referred to as “Erasmus life.”

    #4) I don’t want to experience the time of my life. Wait what?

    #5) I already have lots of friends

    #6) I cant deal with my Facebook blowing up like that

    #7) I heard its hard coming back to cap after your semester. This is true but that’s only because it feels like you havent been in school for 9 months and it takes time to get back into the swing of things.

    #8) I don’t want to miss my mom. This is valid but there is Skype for this. I missed my sisters engagement but it was waiting for me when I got home, as will much of the things you will miss. This list of things will also most likely include Wendys, Cactus Club, Panago, and large cups of coffee.

    Moral of the story is go study abroad and you will not only not regret it, you will thank yourself for it.

    Read James' full report (.pdf) on his semester abroad at INSEEC Business School in Bordeaux, France.