Samantha MacGregor, Bachelor of Tourism Management student
    I had lived in other countries before, all of which were English speaking regions, so the ability to live somewhere new and completely foreign was the most ideal for my time spent abroad.

    Samantha MacGregor

    BTM student

    Management Center Innsbruck, Austria - Spring 2013

    Having travelled before, lived in foreign countries before and travelled quite a lot, none of this ever prepared me for what this experience would give me. Living in a student dorm that was not only MCI students but also the two other Innsbruck Universities allowed for me to meet people from other schools, other families and have a different experience from staff housing.

    I met the most amazing people from around the world. These people not only became my friends but they became my family. We made Sunday family dinners, went to bars together and had study days. We travelled throughout Europe and got lost in cities together.

    If you are thinking that you can’t do it, it is not for you. Think again. You may have to go into debt, beg your parents, apply for every scholarship, bursary and loan possible but it will never be regretted. If you have never travelled outside of Canada, or North America it is not a problem. There are opportunities to travel to English speaking countries or push your boundaries even further and go to non-English speaking cities. You will not be the only English speaking person there, but you may be the only Canadian. Which makes people automatically fall in love with you and allow you some unique opportunities You are also not alone. You are going to be studying with other internationals who are experiencing the same things you are and are wanting to see and do just as much. Any time you may feel unsure, scared or homesick, you will have met so many people that will be there to listen and talk and help you through.

    Not only with you meet people and travel to places, but as a student you will expand your views, knowledge and connections more than will ever be possible staying at Capilano. MCI allowed for me to have professors from around the world and has changed my education and life completely. Coming back and starting my semester back at Cap, I have different views then those who stayed, and can add in a new dynamic that may not be available other wise.

    If you are worried about leaving your family, you don’t have to worry. They will be here when you come back, and will love receiving post cards form around the world. Skype is amazing, and the best thing for keeping in contact with your family and friends. Basically my only advice is don’t let anything hold you back, go, go into debt and meet new friends who will become like family, and stories and memories you will never forget.

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