Laurie Kocher

Dr. Laurie Kocher

BA (UBC), PDP (UBC), MA (U.Vic), PhD (University of Southern Queensland

Programme Coordinator - ECCE

Laurie Kocher has been teaching at Capilano University since 2016.  She has taught previously at Douglas College and UBC.  Much of her career has been spent engaging with children and families in various “educational” contexts, including public kindergarten.

Laurie navigates between the worlds of academia and practice, always with a desire to bring the two together, and cares deeply about being with children in outdoor spaces.  Her academic background includes doctoral work focused on the pedagogical project of Reggio Emilia, with particular interest in narrative and visual practices of pedagogical documentation.  She also co-edits the Journal of Childhood Studies.

Laurie’s home borders the unceded territories of the Tsleil Waututh (“People of the Inlet”) First Nation, in North Vancouver, Canada. 










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