Alanna Wylde2
    I chose Vienna because I wanted to be in a main city rather than a smaller. It was nice being in the city as it made access to other countries extremely easy.

    Alanna Wylde

    BBA Student

    FHWien University of Applied Sciences, Austria - 2015 Spring

    Living in a foreign country has made me aware of many of my strengths and weaknesses.  I find that I am quite independent and resourceful; I am able to easily find my way around and I am not afraid to ask for help when it is needed.  I am also not afraid to adventure around a city on my own.  With that being said, there are still quite a few weaknesses for me to work on.

    First, I am quite apprehensive to use a foreign language as I am scared to make a fool out of myself if I mispronounce a word.  I am also quite quiet and am not the most outgoing individual.  This can sometimes hold me back in social situations.  During the remainder of the semester I hope to improve my German language skills and to be more open to trying new things and to meeting new people!