Amanda Catalano
    My roommates became my second family and they were there for me a lot. I will never forget that.

    Amanda Catalano

    BBA student

    Robert Gordon University, Scotland - Spring 2015

    Studying abroad has definitely given me a sense of independence. But isn’t that what everyone says?

    Seriously though, there really is no better way to gain independence then to move away from your family and friends and everything you have ever known to be familiar.  As soon as I moved away I found myself being more assertive and more open to new possibilities. Stepping outside your comfort zone is never easy, but if you can put yourself in a position where you have to do so, it can open up your world to so many more possibilities. 

    My favorite way that I have grown abroad is in the form of relationships. When you are in a new environment, you have to form new relationships. I found myself becoming great friends with people that I may have never even talked to in my regular life because I already had my own set of friends. I met and became good friends with people from all around the world, and all were completely different and had extremely fascinating stories. 

    Study abroad made me realize that no matter how different someone is from you, everyone has the ability to add great value to your life. That is a lesson I will never forget.