Tia Smith

BA & MA (Pacific Oaks College), Dip. ECE

Instructor - ECCE

Tia believes the health and well-being of children and families is a responsibility we share not just within communities but also globally. It is her hope that one day the world will be a peaceful place in which diversity is cherished and all people have more than the basic provisions of life. She has been instructing in the Early Childhood Department at Capilano University for the past 10 years and shares with students her passion and commitment to exploring diversity and social change within families and communities. Prior to classroom teaching with adults, Tia’s work was concentrated in early childhood programs which offered a range of care and services to very young children and families. She is particularly drawn to areas of study addressing the significance of the first three years in a young child’s life. Both her graduate and undergraduate studies focused on bi-cultural development of children and the family. This interest remains strong and is evident in her course content and professional development pursuits. Tia has always been an avid traveler drawn to adventure, but also the opportunity to connect with people and families worldwide. She recently completed a term of both personal and professional reflection and research in Ecuador. This opportunity pried openings through which she considers the relationships between children families and communities in both a local and global context.


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