Dr. Sylvia Kind

BFA (U.Vic), MA & PhD (UBC), Montessori Cert.

Instructor - ECCE

Sylvia Kind is an artist and educator. She has been teaching at Capilano University since 2007. Prior to this she taught at UBC in the teacher education program, in community and gallery settings, and as a Montessori pre-school teacher. In 2006 she received a Ph.D. in Art Education and Curriculum Studies from the University of British Columbia and was awarded the Gordon and Marion Smith Award for Excellence in Art Education. Sylvia has published in journals and contributed chapters to books and is particularly interested in studio research, art as living inquiry, and the role of the atelier in early childhood. She is an exhibiting artist, working primarily in textile/fibre processes and photography and has been working closely with the Capilano University Children’s Centre as an atelierista. She also is an Adjunct Assistant Professor with the School of Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria.


604.986.1911 ext. 3570







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