Fitzpatrick, Kara
    I love the Sound of Music, so I wanted to be in Austria where they filmed it. What I experienced was so much more amazing. It was so beautiful, so breathtaking, and so wonderful. It was the perfect place.

    Kara Fitzpatrick

    Management Centre Innsbruck - Spring 2014

    I have skied in the Alps, swam in the Mediterranean, made homemade pasta in Italy, saw castles in Germany, ate baguettes below the Eiffel Tower, drank Guinness in Ireland, and had the time of my life doing so much more. No one can prepare you for the experience that you can take part in. There will be tears, heartbreak, stress, and days when all you want to do is stay in bed. However, there will be more laughs, friendships, and memories that will stay in your heart forever. These are the reasons you want to do this. You’ll laugh till you cry and cry till you laugh and never want to leave. You’ll make friends from all over the world: Korea, USA, Finland, Germany, Austria, Poland, The United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and more. You get the opportunity to see all kinds of cultures. During my six months abroad I went to 11 countries and 25 cities and already have plans to be back. There is so much to see and experience. What are you waiting for? All of Europe is at your fingertips, GO!

    Read Kara's reports(.pdf) on her semester abroad at Management Center Innsbruck.