Don Bentley

Don Bentley

B.Tech. (Hons.), Computer Systems (BCIT)

Coordinator, Instructor - Adult Basic Education

Before Don started teaching at Capilano University, he worked as a computer programmer developing technology for use by people with physical disabilities. Software he developed included a variety of systems that would allow a person to utilize a computer keyboard (even if they had no use of their hands), and an award winning talking computer program (SARAW) used to teach literacy skills to adults.

At CapilanoU, he teaches a variety of introductory computer courses, which include: office productivity, web page design and JavaScript. Don’s interests include: cloud-based systems, cross-platform interoperability, open-source software, and privacy and security on the Internet.

When he is not teaching, he enjoys travel to very warm climates, hiking, biking and home exchanges outside Canada.


604.986.1911 ext. 2588