Charlotte Nahanee
    This semester abroad cemented the fact that I want to work in international business.

    Charlotte Nahanee

    BBA student

    Hogeschool Zeeland, The Netherlands - Spring 2014

    Students that are considering doing a semester abroad don’t realize how lucky they are. They have the chance to take a big step by moving across the world and open themselves up to endless new experiences. They are a few steps away from making new friends and seeing great places that they may have only dreamed about. If I spoke to other students thinking about going abroad I would share all of the fears I had before the trip and how they were all turned around instantly because I had so much fun.

    I would tell them how going abroad will change them – even though they might not think it will. Finally I would tell them to make good friends with their roommates because they could be their family away from home and great friends. If they play their cards right they could spend 6 months having the time of their lives and making great memories.