Cadman, Alex
    I am living proof that study abroad is the most worthwhile thing you will ever do when you are young.

    Alex Cadman

    BBA student

    University of Hertfordshire, UK - Spring 2014

    For those of you thinking of studying abroad, don't hesitate! Go to that info session, ask those questions, and do it. Not enough people study abroad: of over 12,000 ish students at Cap, and around what, 20 different location options to choose from to study abroad, only 2-4 students end up in each place every semester. There is way more fun and experiences to be had than students are allowing themselves. I chose to find out more when I saw that someone I used to hang out with at school had gone abroad. I honestly barely knew anything about the program. But something pulled me to it. Maybe it was because I had never been to Europe, or maybe I was bored. But I found myself going through all the different steps and after what seemed like forever, I was off! And honestly there's not a single thing I regret.

    I would also tell students not to worry about the money issue, which seems to be the biggest reason why some may not want to get involved in study abroad. It definitely is costly, and since I am terrible with money, I had to rely 100% on student/parental loans to get me through my semester abroad. But my motto is experience over money. Is it rational or logical? Maybe not, but what I have learned on my experience abroad is worth more than any dollar I'll ever have in my pocket. You never know, you may just fall in love with the place you study and decide you may want to live there for a while, like I did, you may meet someone cool and special, like I did, and you WILL make lifelong friends (you guessed it, like I did).

    I just bought a round-trip flight to go back to London to visit over Christmas break. I am living proof that study abroad is the most worthwhile thing you will ever do when you are young.

    DO IT!!!

    Read Alex's full report(.pdf) on her semester abroad at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield, United Kingdom,