Sabrina Ouellette

    • 2016 Convocation Student Address

      June 6, 2016

      School of Tourism Management

      Sabrina OuelletteThank you Dr. Gale for this kind introduction, and I thank you all for being here!

      Bravo tout le monde pour vos accomplissements!

      Congratulations to all of you graduating! It’s been a long journey, you’ve made it!

      My own journey began in the frosty land of Quebec, but BC has been a part time home since I was a teenager. Back east, I grew up in a loving family, where my sisters and I had the opportunity and support to try out different things and find our passions. I am fortunate to have my parents with me today, as they are the most inspiring people in my life. Maman et papa, merci pour partager ce moment avec moi. They have taught me to be curious and to not be afraid of opportunities. These values were a huge help for me when returning to school after being away for five years.

      I came to Capilano in search of opportunities, and today, I can say that I have had plenty! This small community teaches us to be generous, sensitive to others, and active in whatever we do. As much as you can learn in a classroom, it helps to see the theories in action. Through programs like the CBT Vietnam Project, I have had the opportunity for a wider experience. Working with leaders who have a real impact on their community is motivating for anyone. I would like to thank the faculty and teachers for life changing experiences like this, and a special mention to Jim Peerless, whose donation has made it possible for me, to volunteer with the project.

      It is actually because of this volunteer opportunity that I decided to pursue my degree. I wanted to give myself the best possible future while I figured out what to do with my life. Like Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said:

      « Pour ce qui est de l’avenir, il ne s’agit pas de le prévoir mais de le rendre possible »

      « In terms of the future, it is not about predicting it but making it possible »

      This phrase stuck with me as it addresses a problem many, including myself, have: the problem of controlling every possible detail of our future. By trying too hard to predict, we forget to live in the present moment. We instead hold ourselves back by struggling to create the perfect setting for our desires. Still today, I am unsure of what I really want, but by embracing every step along the way, I am making my future possible.

      Today is a day of celebration and reflection. A day to celebrate all the hard work we have put in and to mark the end of a significant part of our lives and the beginning of a new one. A day to reflect on the success of completing our programs and becoming a Capilano graduate.

      There are so many opportunities surrounding us and moments of joy ahead of us. Acknowledge your role as a leader of tomorrow and persevere in everything you do. If it doesn’t challenge you, then it won’t change you. So when challenges come, I want you all to remember that you will learn from them and grow to become your very best.

      Class of 2016, we will push boundaries and make this world a better place. We have a bright future in front of us and I can’t wait to see what we do with it!

      Felicitations à tous! Mission accomplished et bon voyage! Go get em!