Registration Time Tickets

    • Capilano students who have applied to and are admitted to programs that register online are assigned Registration Time Tickets. The time ticket will specify the date and time that you are eligible to register for a particular term. For term-specific registration dates, see Registration Dates.

      How to Check Your Time Ticket

      Log into the Student Information Web Service on myCapU

      Choose Student Services > Registration > Check Your Registration Status.

      Registration Time Ticket Assignment

      Registration time tickets (registration day and time) are assigned to support student success. Priority is given to incoming students to support access to courses required to start their programs and to students completing their degrees to support access to courses required for graduation. All other registration time tickets are assigned based on total number of credits earned, as per the ranking and category structure below.

       Aboriginal students, athletes identified by the Athletics department, and accessibility students identified by Accessibility Services
       2, 3, 4
       New students (≤ 9.99 earned credits) and students with ≥ 84 earned credits
       Students with 54 to 83.99 earned credits
       Students with 24 to 53.99 earned credits
       7 Students with 10 to 23.99 earned credits

      GPA is used as the primary ranking for assigning registration times within categories. The GPA that is used is based on the student’s status and one of the following: 

      • Capilano Cumulative GPA (CGPA)
      • Other post-secondary CGPA
      • Grade 12 high school GPA
      Students who are admitted after the production of time tickets for the term will be ranked at the bottom of their category once they are admitted.

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