Register for Courses

      • Prepare for Class Registration

      • Step 1) Pay $5,000 tuition deposit

        Pay your $5,000 tuition deposit and ensure that the Cashier’s Office has received it at Capilano University.

        • If your tuition deposit is paid, you will be able to register for courses online during the Registration and Wait-listing period. 
        • If your tuition deposit is not paid,please make sure it is paid and received at Capilano University. Without the complete payment, you will not be able to register for classes. A variety of payment options are available.

        Step 2) Check your Registration Time Ticket

        Registration Time Ticket is the date and time in Pacific Standard Time when you can access class registration online. It is very important to know when you can access the online registration system to ensure that you are registering at the earliest possible moment and have a wide selection of classes available to choose from.

        • To view your time ticket, login to the Student Information Web Service through myCap, choose Student Services > Registration > Check Your Registration Status. Choose the appropriate term and you will be given your Registration Time Ticket--the date and time that you are eligible to register for that term
        • Registration Time Tickets are usually available about two months before the start of the semester.  Please see Registration Dates for more details.

        Step 3) Plan what courses you need to take

        Check which courses are being offered this term.

        Choose your individual courses and plan to register in them during registration week. The registration period is usually about two months before the start of the semester. Please see Registration Dates for more details.

        Learn how course registration works.

        Need Help? Don’t know which courses to register in?

        An academic advisor can assist you in building your course schedule, deciding on how many courses you'd like to take and making sure if you have met all required pre requisites for your selected courses.

      • Course Registration

      • Step 4) Access the registration system on the date and time of your Registration Time Ticket

        Set your alarm Metro Vancouver is a part of the Pacific Stand Time zone. If you are outside of the Pacific Stand Time zone during class registration, please check the time zone conversion and set your alarm in case your registration time falls within night hours based on the time zone of your home country.

        To register in classes, you need to access your Student Information Web Service at myCap

        Download the Registration Tutorial (.pdf) or visit the How to Register page for more information.

        Step 5) Know how waitlists work

        If any of your courses are full, you may want to waitlist for the course.

        Carefully read the Registration Tutorial for waitlisting procedures.

        Step 6) Check your student account and pay any additional fees

        If your courses cost more than the $5,000 tuition deposit, you must pay the additional amount before the fee payment deadline. If you have any outstanding fees after the fee payment deadline, you will be dropped from all of your courses. See how to check your balance and make payments (. PDF). 

        Please refer to the fee payment deadline and the payment options to ensure that you are not dropped from your courses.

        To pay by credit card, please use the credit card authorization form (.PDF)

      • Attend Classes

      • Step 7) Buy your textbooks

        Textbooks are sold in two locations at Capilano U’s North Vancouver campus, the Capilano University Bookstore and the Capilano Students’ Union. Both places sell used books, however the Students’ Union will offer a greater discount.

        To determine which textbooks you would need for your classes, please search the Capilano U Bookstore directory.

        Step 8) Present your valid study permit and proof of medical insurance

        If applicable, please present the following documents to the Centre for International Experience prior to the first day of classes: