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What would tuition fees be for my first term at Capilano University?  
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Here is a SAMPLE tuition fees chart for a first year international business student who starts at Capilano University in the Fall 2014 semester:   Full time status at Capilano University is considered 9 credits. 

ItemsFees for 9 creditsFees for 15 credits Details
Tuition Fees4,851.008,085.00Tuition fees at $539 per credit
Term Enrollment26.5026.50Charged by the University for enrollment
Student Union Membership62.5065.00Membership dues for the Student Union for NV Campus
Student Union Building Levy11.3412.60Student Union Building Levy to provide new student union building
Capilano Courier Membership11.0716.31Student Newspaper fee
UPass BC147.00152.00Translink transit program covers you for your 4 month semester
Guard Me (Basic Medical Coverage for your first 3 months in Canada)180.00180.00Only required for new students to British Columbia who do not have Medical Service Plan of BC coverage. 
CSU Extended Health and Dental Coverage226.03226.03For more information, see CSU Health and Dental
Tuition Deposit received-5,000.00-5,000.00Payment made already to accept offer to Capilano University
Total Owing515.443,758.44See Payment Deadline and Payment Options

Prices are approximate and subject to change. Please see www.capilanou.ca/fees for most up to date information.