2015-2018 Strategic Plan

Like all post-secondary institutions today, Capilano University faces a rapidly changing landscape. To continue to stay relevant to students, respond to government expectations and be financially sustainable for the long-term, Capilano must define those characteristics that set us apart from other universities.

Our strategic renewal process began with the completion of Capilano’s first Academic Plan, in June 2014. Developed through an extensive, year-long community consultation, the Academic Plan charts a course for re-imagining Capilano’s future and is the foundation for our forthcoming strategic plan.

The strategic planning process will begin in September 2014 and will deliver a three year plan that identifies the high priority initiatives necessary to achieve our goals and strengthen our academic profile.

The 2015-2018 Strategic Plan will articulate the elements that are integral to the defining experiences of a Capilano education. It will also identify changes required to provide resources for programs and services in alignment with our renewed academic profile. The strategic plan will inform our decision-making, guide the annual budget planning process, address accreditation requirements, and forge a sustainable path forward.