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Happy New Year!

As Capilano University approaches its fiftieth anniversary as a post-secondary institution, it seems appropriate to reflect on our academic history, take stock of our academic trajectory, and look ahead with our first academic plan.  This plan will provide a roadmap for the next four years, and establish a basis for the next fifty.  It will be consistent with Cap's mission and vision, our learning outcomes and core themes, and our commitment to excellence in student learning and student success.

This website will be the most consistent and visible public face for the academic planning process, providing up-to-date information about the academic plan as it develops from idea into action.  The purpose of this website is three-fold:

This will be Cap's first university academic plan, and as such it will set the tone and help define priorities for all academic programming to follow.  Because of its importance our planning process will span the entire 2013-2014 academic year; this will include information gathering during the fall, and a drafting/redrafting process during the spring. 

We have been gathering input from the academic community throughout the fall via:

In approaching the challenge of crafting an academic plan there have been a number of possible starting points.  In the prompting document available on this website there is a list of academic plan categories that begin to indicate the possible scope of this endeavor.  This document also includes questions that have proven useful in thinking about the kind of institution we want to be, the kind of community we want to cultivate, and the kind of learning we hope to achieve.  We have been gratified to receive so many submissions from such a wide variety of sources, and appreciate the many statements of support for this process.

With the New Year we begin an iterative process of plan drafting (based on materials received), consultation, redrafting, and more consultation.  The Senate Academic Planning and Program Assessment Committee (SAPPAC) has created a subcommittee which will serve as the Academic Planning Advisory Committee  which will work with the five Faculty deans on the development, drafting, and redrafting of our academic plan.  As the plan is drafted and redrafted it will be made available to the university community for review and response.  Responses to the various drafts will be gathered through this website, but also through a series of community consultation events.

The Vice President Academic and Provost will coordinate this entire process, with a view to presenting a final academic plan to the Capilano University Senate and Board of Governors for review and approval before the end of the academic year.