Permits - Refund Policy & Process

    • Complete a Request for Refund - Pay Parking Permit form and submit it with a copy of your purchase receipt to the Parking Services Office.  If you have the old style hang tag it must be returned at time of refund request.

      All refunds are processed by WestPark's head office.

      Refund cheques are mailed only to the original purchaser.

      The value of the ePermit or hang tag will be refunded minus the number of months (or portion thereof) expired; multiplied by the current monthly rate.

      Week or Month ePermit - no refunds

      Term ePermit Refund - as an example only
      Purchased on September 15th  and applied for refund on October 18th would be calculated as $190 – $114 (2 months @ $57/mo) = $76.00 refund

      Annual ePermit Refund - as an example only 
      Purchased on September 15th and applied for refund on December 18th would be calculated as $335 – $228 (4 months @ $57/mo) = $107.00 refund

      Administration Fee
      At this time there is no administration fee for the cost of processing a refund.

      Terms, conditions, fees and refund policy are subject to change without notice.