Permit Prices

    • The University utilizes "LPR" - License Plate Recognition - for patrolling all the campus parking lots.

      ePermits are purchased by accessing the University's secure web portal . A valid credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express) and your vehicle's license plate number must be entered into the system to complete the purchase. 

      The Parking Services Office, Arbutus, 032 will also process payments for parking during limited sales times as posted each term.

      The following denominations of ePermits will be available.

      • Week (7 consecutive days from date of purchase) = $30
      • Month (30 consecutive days from date of purchase) = $57.00
      • Term (120 consecutive days from date of purchase) = $190.00
      • Annual (365 consecutive days from date of purchase) = $335.00

      Prices shown include all applicable taxes.

      You may have up to three licenses plate numbers associated with your ePermit, but only one vehicle can park on campus at any time.  Parking more than one vehicle on campus requires additional parking payment based on the applicable daily rate.

      ePermits are valid throughout the North Vancouver Campus except for Short Term Lots #7 and #10.

      Some parking stalls are designated as reserved for certain groups and require a special decal in addition to a parking permit.