8 reasons to take Arts and Sciences courses

July 14, 2015

8 reasons to take Arts and Sciences courses

Employers want to hire people who can communicate, make decisions, solve problems and work in teams. Academic disciplines like Philosophy, English, Geography and Physics have been around for hundreds of years because these disciplines, and others in Arts and Sciences, help you to develop the skills you need to be successful. Here are the top reasons to consider studying Arts and Sciences at Capilano University:  

  1. Help solve the world's most pressing problems.  The world needs innovative thinkers on real-life issues such as climate change, technology, geo-political conflict, human rights, poverty and Aboriginal rights. A Capilano U Arts and Sciences education prepares you to contribute to the dialogue, and more importantly, to the  solutions  for these problems.
  2. Build the future you've always dreamed of . An Arts and Sciences education at Cap leads to diverse careers  and opportunities for advanced education. Courses improve your ability to think, write and express yourself, and provide opportunities for face-to-face dialogue and peer collaborations of all kinds, allowing you to develop connections that often stay with you into your working life. More... 

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