Education in women’s prison supports positive social change

May 4, 2017

Education in women’s prison supports positive social change

Image: Leighan Crowe and Marion Haythorne are trying to provide better access to meaningful education to incarcerated women at the Fraser Valley Correctional Institute in Abbotsford.

Every month,  Capilano University School of Business instructor Leighan Crowe, drives the three-hour round trip from the North Shore to Abbotsford’s  Fraser Valley Correctional Institute (FVI). The correctional facility is one of six federal correction institutions for women in Canada.

As a  program advisory committee member for the FVI, Crowe spends more than four hours each month at the prison, working on course creation for and with a small but highly engaged group of incarcerated women. The women do not receive post-secondary credit upon completion of these courses, as regulations passed by the federal government in 2005  eliminated public funding that previously provided post-secondary education opportunities to incarcerated women. More...

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