Mentor Roles and Responsibilities

      • As a mentor, you will have an opportunity to:

        • Develop hands-on skills /  Take on a specific Mentor role and engage in hands-on activities to further your skills in mentorship, event planning, public speaking, event promotion, social media, team coordination and teamwork, leadership, cross cultural communication, and more.
        • Mentor new international students / Get matched with new international students whom you’ll mentor as they transition into their life at CapU and in Vancouver.
        • Connect / Expand your social and professional network across many different programs at CapU as well as countries and cultures. Make friends.
        • Lead / Join a passion-driven network of approximately 40 Mentors with whom you’ll plan, promote and organize social, cultural and educational events and activities towards enriching student life and international and intercultural student experience at CapU.
        • Participate in special CIE and CapU Events / Depending on your interest and your level of involvement, you may be offered opportunities to participate in student panels, present for special-interest groups (e.g. international agents), and/or host campus tours. 
        • Enhance your professional portfolio /Receive a certificate of completion upon successful completion of this two-term program (fall and spring).
        • Receive ongoing training and coaching / Participate in a two-day mandatory Mentor Training, and receive coaching and support throughout your program involvement.
          Some of the training topics covered include: 
        Campus Engagement Fundraising and Sponsorship
        Leadership Marketing and Promotion of Events
        Mentorship Mentor/Mentee Engagement / Cultural Shock and Transition 
        Event Planning and Execution Teamwork and Teambuilding

        Take on a unique role within your mentor team of six members:

      • Team Coordinator

        • Facilitates event design and planning (e.g. décor, brand).
        •  Inspires / supports / motivates team members.
        • Coordinates execution of event-related activities.
        • Prepares meeting agendas agenda and schedules and facilitates (most) team meetings. 
        • Ensures there is a close collaboration among all teams (liaises with team coordinators of other teams).
        • Seeks opportunities for collaboration with other student groups at Cap.
        • Provides meeting and team updates to International Events & Outreach Officer. 

        Marketing Analyst

        • Coordinates all marketing activities related to an event.
        • Researches interests and preferences of the audience (mentees, guests, other international students, campus-wide community).
        • Researches options for activities, availability and costs and shares the findings with the team.
        • Supports and liaises with all other team members towards a common goal.

        Finance and Sponsorship

        • Keeps track of event costs relative to attendance, popularity, etc.
        • Generates a comparative cost analysis of past events and makes cost-effective recommendations.
        • Prospects, solicits and works with event vendors/companies/sponsors.
        • Supports and liaises with all other team members towards a common goal.

        Internal Communications

        • Promotes and/or assists with promotion of events to other mentors.
        • Utilizes communication tools such as email, social media, etc.
        • Supports and liaises with all other team members towards a common goal.

        External Communications

        • Promotes and/or assists with promotion of mentor events to international and domestic students at Cap, CSU, Student Clubs and, Staff/Faculty, when appropriate.
        • Utilizes communication tools such as email, social media,, Capilano U Newspaper, etc.
        • Supports and liaises with all other team members towards a common goal.

        Photographer and Videographer

        • Documents large- and small-scale international events and Mentorship Program activities through photo and video production.
        • Collaborates with internal and external communications team members in order to align photography/video with messages and communications strategies.
        • Conducts and assists with campus tours.
        • Supports and liaises with all other team members towards a common goal.

        Mentee 1

        New International Student Orientation - Spring 2015 
        Capilano University, North Vancouver Campus