Lil'wat Nation Language & Culture Certificate

  • Cá7stum' ti Nqwal'úttenlhkalha!


    Celebrate our Language!

    The Lil'wat Nation Language and Culture certificate is designed to give current and future Lil'wat Language teachers training in Ucwalmícwts (the Lil'wat Language) and to increase fluency in the Lil'wat community. The certificate provides a range of courses that are relevant to Lil'wat culture, told from a Lil'wat perspective.

    The certificate includes:

    • Introductory courses in the Lil'wat Language
    • English courses in composition and First Nations literature
    • First Nations courses telling the story of the Lil'wat People
    • Linguistics courses in phonetics and language description and analysis, focusing on the Lil'wat Language
    • Electives relevant to culture and language


    The courses in the Lil'wat Nation Language and Culture certificate are taught by Capilano University faculty, and where possible by Lil'wat community members.

    Program Information  

    Sharon Leinweber  

    Mount Currie Program Convenor 

    Capilano University 

    Advanced Education Manager, Ts'zil Learning Centre 
Mount Currie, BC  

    (604) 894-2300