Our Programs-Vancouver

  • Carnegie Literacy Inreach/Outreach

    Partners: Carnegie Community Centre

    Funders: Ministry of Advanced Education (AVED) through Community Adult Literacy Program (CALP)

    The Literacy Inreach/Outreach program provides literacy support in partnership with the Carnegie Cultural Sharing, Arts, Seniors and Volunteer Programs, Oppenheimer Park and the WISH Drop In Centre Society. The Inreach Program takes on projects identified in collaboration with Carnegie programs including digital story making, the Making Memory Stick project looking at the issues of senior ESL learners and memory, and supporting residents in their campaigns to deal with inadequate housing, poverty and gentrification. 

    The Outreach Program also provides outreach literacy services to re-engage isolated and multi-barriered literacy learners at Oppenheimer Park and the WISH Drop In Centre. The Outreach Program works primarily with the homeless community and residents living in Single Room Occupancy hotels and rooming houses to deliver important information about community, human rights and health information. The WISH Learning Centre provides upgrading and literacy support to women working in the sex-trade. The success of the Carnegie Literacy Inreach/Outreach Program has been the result of strong partnerships and a commitment to delivering innovative literacy curriculum throughout the Carnegie Centre and the neighbourhood.

    Strathcona Family Literacy Program

    Partners: Strathcona Community Centre and Vancouver Public Library (Strathcona branch)

    Funders: Ministry of Advanced Education (AVED) through Community Adult Literacy Program (CALP), Raise-A-Reader

    Strathcona Family Literacy is a collaborative family literacy project offered at the Strathcona Community Centre that has been running since 2003. The project provides the “direct adult education” component of the Four Component Model approach to family literacy: helping parents, grandparents and caregivers to meet their personal learning needs, participate actively and confidently in school and community life and support their children’s literacy development throughout the school years. The program has supported over 150 learners to expand oral, written and reading skills, plan and participate in field trips outside the neighbourhood, and expand the resource network for parents and other caregivers.

    Relevant Education for Adult Learners Program (REAL)   

    Partners: Vancouver School Board

    Funders: Ministry of Advanced Education (AVED) through Community Adult Literacy Program (CALP), Raise-A-Reader, Paul Gallagher Fund

    The REAL (Relevant Education for Adult Learners) Parent Program is a family literacy program that provides parents and caregivers with upgrading opportunities, skills to support their children’s learning and connections with other parents.  Over the years, REAL has expanded to several sites:  Hastings Community School, A.R. Lord, Tillicum Annex and Templeton High School. Currently we are at AR Lord and Hastings. Outcomes include: increased participation by parents in school activities, emergence of Parent Leaders, a forum for isolated parents to ask questions about current issues, increased participation by parents in community issues and fundraising for collective activities, and the formation of a REAL Parents Go to High School support group.The program also offers a leadership training component on an annual basis.

    Hastings Racecourse Learning Center

    Partners: Horsemen’s Protective and Benevolent Assoc. of BC, Hastings Entertainment Inc. / Great Canadian Casinos

    Funders: Ministry of Advanced Education (AVED) through Community Adult Literacy Program (CALP), Hastings Entertainment Inc. 

    This Learning Centre has offered instructor-led and peer to peer learning opportunities for workers in the backstretch community of the Hastings Racecourse since 2001.  As many as 60 learners live on site, and another 400 people regularly work seven days a week, 4:30 a.m. to 6:00 pm, in the barn-area.  The Learning Centre program offers core instruction in basic literacy, GED, writing, ESL and digital learning with access to computer resources for learners who wish to advance their employment possibilities or pursue interests through upgrading their education. The program also assists learners’ interface with government services by assisting them to file taxes, apply for birth certificates and the like. The program, open seven days a week in the afternoons and evenings is coordinated by instructors from Capilano University and peer tutors from the backstretch.